Horse Parties

Party Time! Get the true Ranch Horse Party Experience with one of our Party Packages OR if you have the space our horses can travel!

We make your horse riding party dreams come true!

You and/or your group can ride in the comfort of our Covered Arena!

Benefits of HorseRiding

Horseback riding comes with many mental and physical benefits for adults and kids. You can also apply the strength you develop from this activity to other areas of life. Mental health benefits Interaction with horses has been known to have therapeutic benefits. The emotional benefits of therapeutic horseback riding have been known to directly help treat those suffering from ADD, anxiety, autism, depression, dementia, and other mental health conditions. Reduces stress Horseback riding allows you to take a break from life’s stressors and experience the fresh air. Spending time with animals and exercising releases a hormone called serotonin, which can improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. Mental exercise Like your muscles, mental exercises improve the function of your brain. Horseback riding provides a form of mental exercise by requiring you to think on your feet while in the saddle and through learning a new skill set. You also have the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills as you communicate with your horse and overcome obstacles together. Memory, assertiveness, and speech are all improved in the process, and these mental developments can be applied to other areas of your life. Both fine and gross motor skills are also improved through horse care processes, such as grooming and tacking. Feelings of relaxation Many regular riders describe the experience as the most relaxing part of their day. According to Rheta D. Connor, a certified therapeutic riding instructor, this relaxation comes from circulation and joint and muscle movement while riding. Moreover, simply being in the great outdoors enjoying a change of scenery with fresh air and foliage can provide a relaxing effect. Physical health benefits Along with its mental health benefits, horseback riding also serves as a form of exercise. Not only are you burning calories through regular movement, but you are also performing an isometric exercise by using your muscles to stabilize yourself on the horse. Improves core strength The stabilizing muscles that make up your core include your abdominals, hips, and lower back. A strong core comes with many benefits that are useful in everyday life, such as preventing injury, improved sports performance, decreased lower back pain, and better posture. Horseback riding helps develop these areas for everyday use but also to make you a better rider. Improves balance and coordination Not only do you have to keep yourself balanced on the horse while riding, but you are practicing coordination as you direct the horse in different directions. Increases muscle tone and strength There is not a muscle horseback riding does not strengthen. Outside of the core muscles, for example, riding engages your chest, arms, and legs. Improves circulation and flexibility Like many forms of exercise, horseback riding improves circulation. The rhythm of movement your body does while riding a horse promotes healthy circulation and stretches many of your muscles.

Horse Birthday Party

There are lots of options to make your HorseRiding Dreams come true! From Horseback Riding Experiences that also includes a lesson to custom events. Gather your group and have a Group Horseback Riding Experience together! We also offer horseback riding lessons for every age, and we would love to help customize a fun experience for you at the ranch. From date nights with picnics to girls trips to family get-togethers, we can make any event more special with horses. Plus we also have our beautiful Covered Arena to use rain or shine! Celebrate your Birthday at the Ranch riding in our Covered Arena! Group Cowboy/Cowgirl riding lesson! Fun For All!

Other Add-On Horse Interaction Options

Need more Horse Therapy or Horse Interaction? Paint the Horse! Let your artistic side come out and as you paint the horse gets a backrub! It is a win/win situation! Learn how a Cowboy/Cowgirl ropes! Get a lesson on roping and try your hand at roping "Ropey" the bull! Play ball with a Horse! Yes the horses have learned how to play ball. Fun and also therapeutic! We also do custom Horse Interaction Time tailored to your specific therapeutic needs!

Why Choose Us

Party at A New Life Ranch LLC…

We party Rain or Shine here! We have a Covered Arena to ride horses in if it is raining or hot sun outside. Heated/Cooled Party Room also available!

Several Party Options Available: Horse Cookies you can decorate (kids love to frost and put sprinkles on their cookie)

Paint the Pony! Yes you get to be artistic and give the horse a backrub at the same time!

Custom Ranch Horse Parties

We can make your Horse Party dreams come true to give us a call to book yours today! 

Parties at the Ranch are less since we don’t have to travel with the horses. You also get more of the Ranch Experience when you party at the ranch! 


Safety is our number one priority so please help everyone at the party/event to be aware of these!

Planning for Horses at your party at your location…

If we are bringing a horse to your party here are some things to consider before we arrive.

Before the Horses arrive

We will need space to park a full-sized pickup truck with a long horse trailer attached. Tell us if you anticipate a problem; we’ve successfully parked in some very unusual places.

No loose dogs are allowed, regardless of their size or training. The horses do not fear dogs, but dogs get in the way, and take up attention that is needed to watch children and horses.

Loud music makes it difficult for us to hear the children, and it annoys the ponies. Background “kiddy music” is fine, but earthquake-style music is not. Use your own wisdom in selecting appropriate additional entertainment.

Toys and junk must be removed. Broken glass, tin cans or (especially) pieces of wire and branches need to be cleared away. Balls, such as basketballs, footballs and soccer balls, should be put away so that children do not start a ball game and inadvertently roll or toss a ball among the horses.

As the Horses are working

Common sense is expected. No one should ever stand behind any horse, or run near horses. Slapping a horse, or trying to get it to “do something” is always a bad idea.

The children should be wearing closed-toed shoes instead of sandals or flip-flops. Proper shoes protect the feet, and are less likely to fall off, distracting the child from riding. Parents who will be walking beside a pony should consider wearing closed-toed shoes as well.

The children should be on good behavior. That means no ball games, no running, and no playing follow-the-horse. Also, feeding the horse is not permitted.

The parents should be watching their children. We cannot “baby-sit” the children for you or watch for other problems at your party. We are paying attention to the horses and the riders.

Please follow our directions regarding horse safety. If we speak sharply to you or to a child, it is because a difficult situation needs immediate correction. In particular, be aware of unattended toddlers who approach the horse or who wander into their path.

Petting the horse is perfectly okay, as long as the pony is stopped and does not have a rider AND we are there to assist. Pet the horse’s neck or shoulder, not the face, ears or nose.

When the horse is done

We like to leave when it’s time for cake, ice cream and presents. REMEMBER: to have everyone WASH their hands NOT just use hand sanitizer.

Our plan is for the ponies to arrive at the beginning of the party. We pick up any fertilizer they may have dropped on the lawn and take them home.

We also provide horses for larger events, including church events, company picnics, and vacation Bible school. During the week we can bring a horse to nursery schools and daycares at a special low price.

Since we are on the NC/SC line near Fair Bluff NC and Green Sea, SC our area is 1 hour in all directions from us.

Invite some Horses! Call 910-625-1871 right now as we stay booked.

You’ll have to call us to find the exact cost for having a horse at your party because transportation is added into the total for one fee so there is no surprises or added fees.

Instead, we recommend that you find a reputable supplier for any bouncey or mechanical ride, and of course always keep an eye on the kids in the bouncer.

What If It Rains?

Light or scattered rain doesn’t bother us or the children.  If it is raining hard we can reschedule for no extra fee as long as we haven’t started loading up and traveling to your location.

Festivals and Large Events

By providing volunteer help, you can avoid some  expense. Your volunteers will help with crowd control.

A New Life Ranch LLC has a lot to offer the Public

**Ranch Accommodations include a Barn Retreat or rent one of our large trailers.  
**The Venue at A New Life Ranch LLC is ready to book! An affordable venue to hold your event!
**A New Life Ranch LLC Poodles and Doodles offers loving puppy companionship for you and your family!
**Horseback Riding and Horse Interaction Experiences! Start learning how to be a cowboy/cowgirl today! Enjoyable and therapeutic!
**Celebrate your Birthday at the Ranch riding in our Covered Arena! Group Cowboy/Cowgirl riding lesson! Fun For All!