About Us

Sharing Ranch Life with You!

We are a family ranch that work hard taking care

of our ranch for you to enjoy!

Rick Bond

Rick Bond was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and began his professional life in public safety shortly after High School. Since that time Rick has retired from the U.S. Air Force and after working as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter and Executive Protection Operative, Rick left the craziness of Public Safety for the Crazy of “Ranch Life” . Rick has both a Bachelors and a Master degree and is an Ordained Pastor. Together, Rick and Sonya have built an incredible spiritual life using their farm and now the ranch to spread God’s word and move his faith forward to those in need.

A Ranch was started

Sonya and her daughter, Shauna, started the farm in 2007, when Shauna was only 7 years old. They started with bunny rabbits and shortly thereafter added all the other animals. Husband, Rick, decided that he would join the team. Being a ranching family is a way of life, that we chose with its ups and downs but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Sonya Bond

Sonya Bond was born in Lowville, New York and after high school moved to Virginia to attend Eastern Mennonite University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work/Counseling. In 2007, Sonya purchased two bunnies to assist in explaining the “sex” talk to her children. After that talk, with the help of her daughter Shauna, “Hippity Hop Parties and More” was born. Since then God has asked Sonya to add more animals. While expanding the farm, Sonya and Rick realized that Sonya's little farm had out grown their property in Gastonia, NC and with the Lord's guidance, A New Life Ranch was established. Since the beginning, Sonya has been able to build an incredible spiritual life using the farm and now the ranch to spread God's word and move forward in her faith.


Sharing Ranch Life with You

Our passion and what sets our ranch apart from others is that we want to provide a place away from rushed, stressed city life for you to unwind and relax with the quietness of nature.

A New Life Ranch LLC has a lot to offer the Public

**Horse Riding! Horse Lessons! We can make your riding dreams come true!
**Horse Parties! Party with the horses at the ranch! Celebrate your Birthday at the Ranch riding in our Covered Arena! Group Cowboy/Cowgirl riding lesson! Fun For All! We have a unicorn horse or we can decorate one of the horses up to go with your party! Invite your friends and have a horse party!
**Venue at ANLR! Hold your next event here in our Covered Arena! Horse event, Music event, Wedding, etc. Make memories at a fraction of the cost!
**Quiet, peaceful and relaxing place to stay overnight whether you are vacationing at the beach or month to month if you are working nearby.
 **Ranch Accommodations include a Barn Retreat and our large 37 ft. 2 bedroom trailers. Bring your horse and spend the night at the ranch or just come as a family to make some memories!
 **A New Life Ranch LLC Poodles and Doodles! We take pride in providing you with a companion that has a good temperament, great personality, healthy and of quality breeding. Our Poodles and Doodle Puppies have been thoroughly vet checked, received their first shots, been wormed on a regular basis, health records on your puppy, been raised with stimulation for their growing brain, and given lots of hugs and kisses.  Our puppies are our family so we hope that you will find your family member at A New Life Ranch Poodles and Doodles!