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Goat Keeping

Goat-keeping in your backyard- Learn all the basics about goats. This is a hands-on class so you will even get to milk the nanny if she is producing. Meet the goats at A New Life Ranch LLC. We will discuss the various breeds of goats, their strengths and weaknesses and practicality for different uses as well as issues specific to goats as ruminants. We will learn about goats' minimal needs and how to keep their lives vibrant and happy. This will include nutrition and preventative health measures, pen design and equipment, breeding and raising young. We will also talk about the process and equipment needed to run a small dairy including handling milk and dairy products that can be easily produced on a small scale.

Raising Chickens

All you need to know to raise Chickens Complete class on raising backyard chickens: how/where to buy, basics of raising chicks, care and feeding for health and egg production, how to shelter and protect from predators, ailments, Which breeds meet your needs? eggs and using manure for gardens. Also, a chance to see the teacher’s urban homestead, hold chicks and adult chickens, and get ideas for your own. Chickens are the newest hobby pet. Come to our workshop and have all your questions answered.

Art of Soap Making

Many people are still washing their skin with soap made with water. Switching to soap made with goat milk can truly benefit your skin’s health. Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way. Unprocessed goat milk fresh from the farm contains many benefits. If we have a goat in milk we will milk then make our All Natural Goat Milk Soap. Then we will make a batch of Goat Milk Soap. Once you learn the basic technique in making soap you can control the ingredients that will become the soap you and your family use. If you need a soap to help with dry skin, we will teach you what to add to make the skin more moisturizing. Instead of putting chemicals on your skin learn how to make natural soap to nourish your skin. Learn the healing benefits for your skin of using farm fresh raw goat milk for making soap. Soaps make great gift ideas as well.


Homesteading Classes

At A New Life Ranch LLC we offer a variety of classes. Life is full of learning and socializing! So gather your friends and family to have fun and gain new experiences. Groups with a minimum of 8 people that sign up will receive a discount. Call us to schedule your class today 910-625-1871. 

Why Choose Us

When you come for a Ranch Experience you are not one of many. We personally spend time with you and let you Experience Ranch life. We take time to answer your many questions. We truly want you to relax, enjoy the animals, and make memories with those you love that last a lifetime!

A New Life Ranch LLC Homesteading Classes

**Girls Night Out, Couples Date Night, Church Small Group, Call us to book your private Class either at the Ranch or we bring the class to you!

**Adult birthday party idea! Enjoy birthday time together by attending a class. Let the Birthday person pick out the class they want to attend. Call us to book it!

**Homeschoolers, 4H, Girl Scouts  Contact us to take several classes and receive a discount. Learning homesteading and animal classes is part of a well rounded education. One homeschooler who had never baked before, after baking at the farm decided that she loves to bake and does it frequently for her family.