Hippity Hop Parties and More

Sweet Pedigreed, show quality bunnies 

Bunny Entertainment

Hop on over to Hippity Hop Parties And More located at A New Life Ranch LLC for a fun and educational bunny time! We have been entertaining and having sweet, show quality, pedigreed bunnies for people to adopt for 13 years! Come out to the Ranch to sit and hold bunnies! Have a Bunny Party on the Ranch or the bunnies will travel to your party or event! Over 15 years we have taken our bunnies to all kinds of events - Yam Festival Tabor City, Nascar, Nascar drivers homes for private parties, Town of Kings Mtn, Town of Weddington, Town of Richburg, PGA golf tournament, church events, corporate events, etc. Our bunnies have been busy on the roads entertaining!

Indoor or Outdoor Parties at Your Place

Bunnies are not messy so if it is to cold or to hot outside, we can bring the bunny entertainment for your party inside. We have big bunnies and small bunnies! Fluffy bunnies and smooth bunny rabbits. Bunnies that make people's eye pop and say "What is that!". We let you interact and hold the bunnies at small parties and at large corporate events! People are loving holding Hippity Hop Parties and More bunnies! Whether it is at a festival, church or neighborhood event, or birthday party our bunnies are a hit!

Adopt a Bunny Rabbit

Occasionally, we will have some of our tame, pedigreed, show quality bunny rabbits available to adopt. You are always welcome to ask about our waiting list if you would like to be on the list to get one of our sweet bunnies! When you adopt a bunny rabbit from us we are there for you after you become bunny owners. If you get a bunny from us feel free to call us and ask questions, since we have been doing bunnies for 15 years and are quite knowledgeable about bunnies. As responsible breeders, our promise to you is that if you adopt one of our animals and in the future you can't care for them, we will take them back no questions asked. No money will be returned when you surrender your animal but your animal friend will have a safe place to be.

Now is your chance to get a New Zealand bunny rabbit! Ready to go soon! Contact us to adopt a bunny now or to be added on our waiting list to get a different breed of bunny that we will have soon! 

Pictures of a small sampling of our last litters of different breeds of bunnies, activities and events we have done with our bunnies, and pictures our past bunny clients have sent us! 

Why Choose Us

With 15 years of party and event experience, we know how to entertain a small party to an event with several thousand or more people! We work full time with our animals so they are used to people and are tame and sweet. Everyone enjoys holding on to a calm, tame, and sweet bunny! We have a wide variety of show quality, pedigreed bunnies that bring the WOW factor to kids and adults! Contact us to entertain your party/event and you will see why people choose us!

Hippity Hop Parties and More at A New Life Ranch LLC

**Schedule a time to come out to the Ranch to spend time with the animals on a Ranch Experience or enjoy an overnight stay.
**As a Traveling Ranch we can bring the animals to you. Whether it be a private party or a larger event, we can entertain your guests no matter what the size of your event.
**Indoor/Outdoor Parties/Events at Your Place. Large or Small Events we can handle them all with our 15 years experience. Pet bunnies for you to adopt! 
**Ranch Accommodations include a Barn Retreat, rent one of our RVs or bring your own RV or LQ trailer. Full hookups available. Book in advance as we do stay full. Bring your horse and spend the night at the ranch or just come as a family to make some memories!